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Growing with You…

After the recent spring rain and with the heat of summer now setting in, growing is the theme. The grass is growing, the plants are growing, and the weeds and pests are growing! Are beetles belting your basil? Caterpillars on the corn? Bandicoots eating your beetroot? Turkeys taking tomatoes? If you’ve noticed new mangos and […]

October in the Garden

Spring is well sprung and it feels like summer already! Lettuce, zucchini, silver beet, and beans are flourishing but anyone getting into the garden will notice how dry the soil is getting. It’s a good idea to stagger your plantings to ensure food all year round and enough for the xmas period (not too far […]

Mullum Co-Op Produce Exchange

The Mullum Co-Op is focussed on creating a community of like-minded people to learn and grow together. We are a hub for products, advice and community. ‘GROWING WITH YOU’ IS OUR PASSION, PURPOSE AND GUIDING PRINCIPLE. As part of growing our community, we have created the Mullum Co-Op X-change. Held on the first Saturday of […]

The Growing Season is Here!

The growing season is upon us. These warm days are warming our soil and it’s time to get cracking. Dig your new beds for planting add compost and fertiliser and lime. Hopefully you took the time to plan this year’s plantings. Tomatoes in a new spot to avoid nematodes (nematodes can be identified as stunted […]

July at the Mullum Co-Op

July – the new season cycle begins. It’s still cold at night but the spring whispers during the day. The second half of the month is the time to prepare your garden for the warmer months. Mulch, fertilise and if you’re direct sowing, make sure the soil tilth is suited. If you’re a no dig […]

June in Mullumbimby

Winter is here… June is the month of taking time. Time to congratulate yourself for your previous years hard work. And time to watch and plan for the spring coming. The sun is at its furthest point this month and after the 22nd we will be heading back towards the new year of growth.  Citrus!! […]

The Wrap Up – Pasture Information Evening

On the 5th April, the Co-op hosted a very well attended pasture Information evening aimed at addressing potential shortfalls in feed availability this winter following the floods. The presenters were the leaders in their fields – Phil Kelmsley. LLS veterinarian discussing animal health considerations, Eddie Hayward from Rous CC spoke on weed problems, and Natasha Favaloro from […]