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December in the Garden

Summer is upon us and there’s only a couple of weeks to go before Xmas! Seems like everything is speeding up.

The weeds grow faster than the lawn, the pests are sucking and chewing, and it’s hot.

Design your garden to allow for the summer and provide water for wildlife. Put a stick in any bowls of water so little creatures can climb out if they fall in.

Water is especially important for your domestic animals. Cows can drink 60L a day in summer and goats up to 10L. Consider if your tanks and troughs are large enough. Water can get too hot in a shallow trough. Animals can’t tell you, so you must be aware of their needs.

To farm or garden successfully you should participate with the environment. Work with the natural rhythms of day. The best times are the hour after dawn and before dark. And spray for pests after the bees have gone to bed.

Plantings for this time of year include corn, beet, beans, radish lettuce, tomatoes. Time to put your bulbs down for next spring though bulbs like dahlias are a picture now.

Tool up and be in, not on, your environment.

The Mullum Garden Guru 🌱

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