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FREE WORKSHOP – How to Health Check your Hen

Join the Mullum Co-Op team and Julie from “Who Gives a Cluck” and learn the 12 point check for your hen to be able to detect symptoms of ill health earlier. Julie will also share her advice on the 3 things you should do twice yearly.

Learn how ferment your feed, the Hen First Aid Kit and common mistakes with roosts and nesting boxes.

Julie is known as ‘The Cluckin Crazy Hen Lady’, having founded the charity, Who Gives A Cluck in 2017, she has rescued and rehomed over 5,000 hens from the egg laying industry that would’ve been culled (at just 18mths old).  Julie keeps the hens not fit for adoption so over the years, has treated most commonly known illnesses and injuries.   Julie doesn’t claim to take the place of a bird vet, but her first hand experience has helped hundreds of hen owners with their chookies.   

We look forward to seeing you there.

Date and time
Friday 31st March 2023
10.00am – 11am

At the Co-Op
1670 Coolamon Scenic Drive

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