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FREE WORKSHOP – Transform Your Soil Fertility!

Soil Health

Delicious, pest-free food is on offer for all of us & it all starts with healthy, fertile soil! Transform Your Soil Fertility will guide you through the process of assessing soil health and diagnosing what’s needed to optimise conditions and improve performance.

You will Learn How To:

✔️Assess your soil & know what it needs

✔️Optimise soil fertility- naturally and cheaply

✔️Manage weeds to your advantage & make them less work

✔️Boost seedling and plant health for bigger yields & better flavour

✔️Make your plants more resistant to insect pests and disease!

Bring a sample of your garden soil for assessment!

You’ll Receive:

🎯A ‘Get Growing Level 2 Action Plan’ which includes 2 powerful plant health promoting and soil improving recipes & guides from the workshop

✅Expert guidance for 4hrs and all your garden questions answered

We look forward to seeing you there.

Date and time
Friday 28th April 2023
9.00am – 1.00pm

At the Co-Op
1670 Coolamon Scenic Drive

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