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Growing with You…

After the recent spring rain and with the heat of summer now setting in, growing is the theme. The grass is growing, the plants are growing, and the weeds and pests are growing!

Are beetles belting your basil? Caterpillars on the corn? Bandicoots eating your beetroot? Turkeys taking tomatoes? If you’ve noticed new mangos and avocados forming, then so have the bats and birds! We can help minimize the sharing of your produce with our netting and fencing and organic and systemic pest solutions.

Your plants are susceptible to mildew and wilt at this time of year especially the cucurbits (pumpkins, cucumbers, melons) and solanums (spuds, tomato, eggplants). And not to mention the sensitive yet plentiful zucchini.

Of course, the most important solution is making your soils and environment healthier. We have a great range of soil enhancers, easy to handle quality soil including green manure and legume seeds, active microbes, vermiculite, perlite, dolomite, and also chemical fertilizers for your production and lifestyle choices.

Healthy soil makes for healthier plants less susceptible to pest attack. Let us help you get it right from the ground up.

The Mullum Garden Guru 🌱

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