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Is Sautumn a thing?


The seasons on the Northern Rivers are not as well defined as further south. Our late summer/autumn can last until May. Lucky for us, we can still sometimes swim on Anzac day! On the flip side, there is also rain from now till Easter..

We like to consider March as Sautumn. You can still get a late planting of most of your summer produce such as corn and get all the brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts) going.

It’s a great time to fertilise lawns. For farmers to consider liming pasture for winter over sowing of rye seed, for backyard lawns; it’s time to fertilise (Grassmaster is a great product), add a touch of aglime and weed, check and control lawn grub and tunnel ants. For citrus pest control including mites and caterpillars you can use White Oil or Neem or Dipel. It’s also a good time for planting trees while soil moisture is good. Seed spuds will also be available from the Co-Op from next month.. it’s a busy time! 

Planting from seed is the go with most veggies but to get a head start, we also have our glorious organic seedlings from One Organic. If you want to start your veggies from seed, use seaweed solution to give your seedlings a helping hand.

We look forward to seeing you at the Mullum Co-op and helping with all your Sautumn needs…..

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