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July at the Mullum Co-Op

July – the new season cycle begins. It’s still cold at night but the spring whispers during the day.

The second half of the month is the time to prepare your garden for the warmer months. Mulch, fertilise and if you’re direct sowing, make sure the soil tilth is suited. If you’re a no dig gardener, then get your seedlings going!

The forecast is for a dry spring and summer so get your water sorted. Have you got enough for your house, animals, garden? During the last 18mths you may have been able to tolerate, or not noticed that slow leak…Fix it before it really matters.

Order your tanks and troughs before the rush and plan your warm weather pasture grasses. Consider the 3 levels of growth – sub level clovers, mid-level running grasses like kikuyu, brassicas legumes etc and top-level grasses like millet, rhodes, lucerne etc. Our pasture mix is formulated to avoid the hard work, or our individual varieties can put you in control. Also, our unique “Native mixes” will help those who don’t want pasture for domestic animals but want feed for the native animals. 

Spring can also be a time for your livestock to want to look for “greener pastures” Be it a lack of feed or a heifer on heat.

Check your fences! ‘Good fences make good neighbours’. Talk to your neighbour if you have an issue before it becomes a problem. You share your boundary and if you have nothing else in common there is unity in your fences. Co-op-erate (see what we did there😊)! We have a growing range of fencing solutions.

It’s also time to get stuck in and prune, fertilise, mulch, plant, and water. Watch for bugs on the spring growth. 

NB-If it’s really dry this spring we may even get mangoes this year so make sure your trees are ready to maximize fruiting!

The Mullum Garden Guru

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