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June in Mullumbimby

Winter is here…

June is the month of taking time. Time to congratulate yourself for your previous years hard work. And time to watch and plan for the spring coming.

The sun is at its furthest point this month and after the 22nd we will be heading back towards the new year of growth. 

Citrus!! Juicy oranges, lemons mandarins!

Harvest, juice, preserve, share with neighbours and friends. Prune dead wood and shape for spring flowering.

Organic fertiliser around tree drip line and mulch to protect surface roots.

Magnesium was washed heavily from soils during the wet so consider dolomite instead of just ag lime in your gardens. Or magnesium sulphate around fruit trees if you notice leaf yellowing.

Build up leaf and compost piles.

Remember a good turn and seaweed solution will get them going.

Take time to watch and learn…

Grow on have a go! Need help? Ask us!

The Mullum Garden Guru

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