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October in the Garden

Spring is well sprung and it feels like summer already!

Lettuce, zucchini, silver beet, and beans are flourishing but anyone getting into the garden will notice how dry the soil is getting. It’s a good idea to stagger your plantings to ensure food all year round and enough for the xmas period (not too far away now!)

Corn planted now should be ripe by then. Mangos and avocados need fertiliser to aid fruit set. Fertiliser needs water for the plant to absorb the nutrients. Foliar feeding may be the answer. Searles 5 in 1, Seamax, Multicrop, Seasol and the Plant Doctor ranges can set you up with products from organic liquid fertilisers and gypsum through to activated microbes and inoculants

Water is life whether you’re growing pasture or parsley. Is your grass or vegetables seeding?  Drought tolerant? Can you get water to where you need it? Can we help?

Biochar has a natural aeration and moisture holding capacity as well as its many other benefits. And don’t forget the wonders of coir and cocopeat in your soil mix!

So go on get growing and let us help in growing with you.👍😁 

The Mullum Garden Guru

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