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Planting for Autumn

Now Autumn starts!

With the warm days still upon us, the cooler nights tell us to prepare for change. The summer plantings know the seasons are changing so it’s time to dig up and mulch or green manure for spring.

The soil is still warm enough for weeds to germinate so weeding continues. It is time to plant bulbs for spring flowers. So if you’re a jonquil or daffodil fan get busy now!

Prepare your beds for spuds but make sure you use certified disease-free spud seed. Given the stress on our biosecurity at the moment, potatoe blight is not wanted. Our local land services are worried about disease and weeds new to our pastures since the floods. It’s a concern for the backyard grower and horticulturalists. Doing nothing does not make you organic.

For good food you need good soil. Condition with our wonderful pink dolomite, Seaweed extracts, 5 in1 or active grow all are proven to help. Spread compost. Use your worm juice. Compost bins tumblers and worm farms are in stock now.

Planting dates by the moon include 7th 8th 9th 21st 22nd 26th 27th 28th of April

Plantings as for last month but add snow peas and potatoes.

Flowers Calendula, camomile, carnations, violets

Grow on have a go! Need help? Ask us

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