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The Growing Season is Here!

The growing season is upon us. These warm days are warming our soil and it’s time to get cracking. Dig your new beds for planting add compost and fertiliser and lime.

Hopefully you took the time to plan this year’s plantings.

Tomatoes in a new spot to avoid nematodes (nematodes can be identified as stunted lumpy roots). Nematodes are endemic in our soils and particularly on the poorer coastal soils.

Garden hygiene, lime/dolomite, compost, crop rotation and you’re doing your best.

Oil up your timber handles on your tools (linseed and a dash of turps will soak in well).

Check your irrigation!!! Water maybe at a premium this summer. Check your pipes and plumbing. Are the pipes to your tank clear? Are your pipes to your taps and troughs not leaking? Whilst its dry, notice any damp spots in your paddocks? Make sure it’s drainage and not a leak.

Remember you may own your land but not the environment. Work smarter with what you have – not harder to change what is.😊

The Mullum Garden Guru

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